Clothing Designer

   Do not miss this opportunity to study to become a Dressmaker, the courses are on Monday at 10:00 am (lasts 2 and a half hours each class), the groups are maximum 4 students (personalized), the first module will last 6 months.

In the basic course they will learn:
🧵 Machine parts
🧵 Taking measurements
🧵 The basic molds of blouse, skirt and dress
🧵 Gripper rotation and transformations
🧵 They will be taught cutting and making basic garments and their transformations
🧵 They will also receive basic concepts of fashion design (colorimetry, body types, textiles)

   At the end of the course there will be an exam where all the knowledge acquired is evaluated and the certificate will be delivered upon completion. This is the opportunity you were waiting to start in the fashion world 👗

Course cost:
👉 $ 50 registration fee and $ 45 each class


Incenses & Smudging Breezes

   In this workshop you will learn about the benefits of incenses and how they have been taken advantage of their energy powers since ancient times by the most powerful civilizations.

   In this incense and smudging you will realize wood and plant from scratch 100% artisan also will know his magic and energy properties.


   Students learn about the history of incenses and harness the energy plant, knowing which ones to use depending on the circumstances.

🍃 How to choose the plants and resins we use and their energy power
🍃 Cleaning and conservation
🍃 Preparation for making stone cone and wand incenses

👉 Days: Tuesday
👉 Time: 5:00 pm
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 50 and Class: $ 45 (There are only 3 classes)
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people.


Make up Certification

   If it was within your goals to start your own business as a makeup artist, do not let that dream vanish or if on the contrary what you want is to learn to make up yourself (it is also valid) do not hesitate to participate in our classes and learn from the experts.

👉 There are 10 kinds of self-makeup in total
📜 Includes certificate of participation
💻 Exclusive attention only 3-5 people per class

👩 Classes Mondays 5.30pm

 💋 Use and identification of makeup brushes and utensils
💋 Products needed to assemble your kit
💋 How to choose the right color of your base?
💋 Preparation and correction of skin so that your makeup lasts from 8 to 16 hours intact
💋 Eyebrow design
💋 Gel and liquid eye liner
💋 Recognize tab application measure
💋 How to blur and incorporate colors in your shadow?
💋 Converting a makeup from day to night
💋 Smoky look
💋 Pleat cut
💋 Correct use of compressed and loose glitter
💋 Face profiling (contour and illumination of liquid and powder)

Registration includes:
💼 A professional brush set
👝 Profesional make up  kit


Computer Classes

   In a basic computing course, you will learn how to use the computer, write letters or trades in word, you will master windows, you will be able to manage and create files, you will manage the internet and many other things.

   You can also enroll your children to get to know the tool through these classes, so don't miss this opportunity.


   Students feel safe to learn to manage your computer, so they can perform daily tasks from your laptop.


💻 Email creation
💻 Windows domain
💻 Basic knowledge of word and excel
💻 Administration and creating files
💻 Hardward, software
💻 Internet management
💻 Social networks

👉 Time: 5:30 pm
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 65 and Class: $ 45 (There are only 7 classes).
👉 Practically custom classes: With a maximum of 5 people.


Handmade Dresses

   Seamstress for you and / or designer who want to expand your knowledge and learn the different kinds of the famous designer of handmade dresses Ofelia Calderon.

   It is the opportunity for you to make this workshop Dresses Artisanal, so actívate and do not leave for later away your space, take advantage of this time we are sheltered at home and expand your knowledge which you can strengthen yourself for your enterprise.

You also learn:

✅ The making of a dress
✅ Tips to meet the different modifications that can be made to them
✅ The decoration of a handmade dress


   That students feel safe and learn to work in an easier way, knowing the tips that the designer take long learning experience.

❇️ Know how to cut and sew
❇️ Have a sewing machine
❇️ That you are of legal age

TEMARY:✂️ Tips for taking measurements
✂️ Confection
✂️ Design
✂️ Modifications
✂️ Incustraciones
✂️ Decorative design


👉 Days: Wednesdays
👉 Time: 10:00 pm
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 75 and Class: $ 75 (There are only 7 classes)
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people.


Handmade Jewelry

This workshop is aimed at people who want to learn how to create Artisan Jewelry either for personal use, a hobby or for starting your own business.


✴️ Use the necessary tools
✴️ Know techniques
✴️ We will share tips to facilitate the creation of pieces
✴️ You will make two (2) unique, beautiful pieces made by you


   You learn to use basic techniques with the necessary tools and tips for the art of creating unique pieces made of 100% handmade.


☑️ Knowing the necessary tools
☑️ Materials and their benefits
☑️ Manufacture tassels
☑️ Knot Type Bracelet Making



👉 Days: Thursday
👉 Time: 05:30 pm
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 50 and Class: $ 45 (There are only 5 classes)
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people.


Zero Waste Cosmetics

If you are a lover of natural products and you are one of those who like to collaborate with your planet to reduce the use of plastic pollutants, this Workshop is for you!

In these quarantine days you can take zero waste cosmetic classes!

Where you will learn to:

✅ Make noble products for the planet without zero waste
✅ Making full line from shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant solid, free cream solid toxic

And if you are considering starting your business, this may be the idea ... It is your time!


   In this opportunity you will be able to carry out a Workshop where you will be able to create your personal line of products that do not generate garbage and that are noble for the human being since they do not contain chemicals and for the planet either for personal use or for business.


🍃 Know the toxic materials used in super market cosmetics and their side effects
🍃 Preparation of chemical-free products that do not generate waste and its benefits


👉 Time: 5:30 pm
👉 Days: Thursday
👉 7 classes in total
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 65 and Class: $ 55
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people


Master Soap Making

   Learn how to create your own handmade soaps both for personal use and to prepare yourself to start your own business.

   Clean hands can stop the spread of contagion from one person to another and throughout the community, from places like your home, supermarket, workplace, and hospitals.

   In response to the aforementioned, we plan a Handmade Soap Workshop aimed at people who want to collaborate with their planet to use natural products and reduce the use of contaminants that are used in regular soaps.

In this Workshop you will learn how to make the different types of soaps with the saponification and glycerin method:
➖ You will develop 3  diferent techniques
➖ You will develop your own formulas
➖ You will create a name of yo
➖ You will learn to put a price on the products you make and where to sell them


   Create for itself a personal line of products that are fine for humans to not contain the chemical. Help them start their business guiding them in registering their brand and strategies and retail locations.

TEMARY:🧼 Glycerin soaps
🧼 Saponification soaps
🧼 Developing your formulas
🧼 Develop your soap brands
🧼 What prices do I give?
🧼 Where do I advertise? ... How do I sell?


👉 Time: 5:30 pm
👉 Days: Every Friday
👉 10 classes in total
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 65 and Class: $ 55
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people.



Microblading & Browshading

   You are interested in learning the newest makeup technique also earn income? MICROBLADING & SHADING !!!... You do NOT need previous knowledge!

   This great course includes a kit with which you can double your investment because it includes materials you'll need and 100% product quality to meet 20 to 30 people.

☑️ Consists of theory and practice in fake leather and model
☑️ A manual as support material for you to achieve your best work

   And the best of all is that you will receive advice during 7 classes of 4 hours each class, in which you will progress from level to practice in model, for which we have implemented.

☑️ Last day just for you !! In this class you can attend with your model, in order that acquire SECURITY to take your business !! AND ACHIEVE YOUR CERTIFICATION !!


That the students feel confident performing the two techniques. We will practice with fake fur and models.

You will learn:

⭐ MICROBLADING technique
⭐ Técnica SHADING
✨ Types of pigments and needles
✨ Eyebrow design with golden compass and thread
✨ Colorimetry
✨ Skin types
✨ Aftercare
✨ INFORMED consent

Each of these Techniques costs you around 3500 Dollars, with us taking the two Techniques for a lot less and with that GREAT KIT ... Do not miss this Opportunity !!!

👉 Time: 11:30 am
👉 Classes every Wednesday 10.30
👉 7 classes in total
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 300 and Class: $ 300
👉 Certification


Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn to do hair professionals prepare our specialists and ensures excellent earning !!!

After completing the course you'll get your certificate of participation📜

Registration includes:
☑️ Plastic hair head 22 "with natural hair
☑️ Stand
☑️ Charcoal comb
☑️ Tease brush
☑️ Hairstyles fillers
☑️ Braid Extension
☑️ Bobby pins (three different styles)
☑️ Suitcases with llantinas
☑️ And other things ...


You have the option to resume classes at no cost, once the course ended!!!

▶ ️ Disinfection and correct use of spray products
▶ ️ How to work and know the different textures of hair
▶ ️ Types of curls
▶ ️ Braid types
▶ ️ Bridal hairstyle
▶ ️ Quinceanera hairstyle
▶ ️ Semi collected
▶ ️ Picked up without hot tongs
▶ ️ Use of fillers and how to make them

👉 Time: 5:30 pm
👉 Classes every Wednesday
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 99 and Class: $ 45
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people

Professional Hairstyle


Master Herbalist

   In this workshop you learn botany from scratch and learn what the benefits of the various botanical preparations including tinctures, decociones, teas and teas; learning how to use them and recommend them as herbal supplements to prevent health problems.

   Furthermore, it is perfect because they are recommending drinking hot, natural drinks; and in this workshop you will learn how to use Herbal Supplements and naturally in our daily lives for optimal emotional and mental health.

Students feel safe performing their own tinctures, pills, herbal mixtures, etc to raise their health or lift your immune system.


🍃 Parts of the plant
🍃 Plant names
🍃 Identification of dangerous plants
🍃 drying
🍃 Extraction of properties
🍃 Processing of plants for tonic syrup

🍃 Processing of plants for ointments
🍃 Plant processing for encapsulation
🍃 Dosage and how to apply it


👉 Hora: 5:30pm
👉 Días: Miércoles 
👉 5 clases por el 1er Módulo
👉 Inversión y cupo: Inscripción 50$ y Clase: 45$
👉 Prácticamente clases personalizadas: Con un máximo de 5 personas


Marketing and 

Social Media

This course is aimed at various professionals at different times in their careers, since marketing is innovating and there are new tools and / or changes that force us to reinvent strategies.

This is a short summary of the knowledge you will get:
💻 You can create Fan Page on Facebook
💻 Practical strategies to grow your business
💻 Create your monthly publication calendar
💻 Create valuable content to attract true clients
💻 Marketing strategies in times of coronavirus
💻 Marketing focused on attracting non-follower customers


   That you do not have to search for clients on social networks but that they find you.


🔸 Fan Page
🔸 Strategies according to your niche
🔸 Creating valuable content
🔸 Calendar creation
🔸 Calendar programming in networks


▪️ Time: 10am
▪️ Days: Thursday
▪️ 20 classes in total
▪️ Registration: $ 75. Class: $ 50
▪️ Maximum 5 people per class



   This Workshop is aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge and/or learn from the beginning for the manufacture, distribution and marketing of knitted articles, such as the Basic Knitting Techniques Course.

✴️ AA perform different basic stitches knitted
✴️ Their classification and recognition so that you can make unique garments or pieces, whether for personal and / or business use.


   That the students feel confident doing different techniques, practicing with the two projects Seed Stitch and Fish Bones.


☑️ Basic Concepts
☑️ Classification
☑️ Add points to a double-ended needle
☑️ Knitted fabrics by weft
☑️ Materials to use
☑️ Thread Features


👉 Days: Thursdays
👉 Time: 05:30 pm
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 20 and Class: $ 20 (There are only 5 classes)
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people


Advanced Jewelry

For you who know how to create Artisan jewelry ...

   Do you want to take advantage of your creativity and would you like to learn how to make MORE COMPLEX Handcrafted Jewelery designs?

   We plan an Advanced Artisan Jewelry Workshop, thinking of you who already have basic knowledge in this trade and want to continue your learning.

   In this Workshop you will learn to use various tools, materials and wires to make more complex Handcrafted Jewelery designs.


   You will be able to acquire new techniques to add greater value to your Artisan Jewelery designs, in an understandable and practical way.


💮 Know the use of tools
💮 Macrame techniques
💮 Harmonize color
💮 Use wire in the realization of your pieces
💮 Learn to make terminals for your creations
💮 and many tips


👉 Days: Thursdays
👉 Time: 05:30 pm
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 50 and Class: $ 45
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people


Create and Market your Blog

   Would you like to learn how to create your own Blog, considering all

the advantages it has?

   We will be doing a course where the student will learn to create their own Blog with

the free Blogger and Wordpress applications, as well as learn important tricks to give

greater visibility to their content on the internet. This course is for anyone who likes

to write and want to bring value to your expert status.

☑️ Create your own blog on the internet
☑️ If you are an expert in any subject and would like to earn money with

the services and / or articles you want

That you can become professional and generate profits through a Blog.

📄 What is Wordpress and Blogger?
📄 Create a Blog
📄 Dashboard or control panel
📄 Template choice
📄 Creation and editing
📄 Create and edit pages
📄 Add videos
📄 Moderating comments

👉 Time: 10:00 am
👉 Investment and space: Registration $ 65 and Class: $ 50
👉 Practically personalized classes: With a maximum of 5 people.


Ballet Folklorico


LADIES and YOUNG PEOPLE between the ages of 15 to 40 years.

We will carry out a GREAT CASTING starting on Friday, May 1, to qualify for the class at Ballet Folklorico FRIDARS

You don't need to have previous knowledge.

If you love your culture and want to belong ... Set aside your space‼ ️

For that day we attend by appointment only 5 people.

It separates your inbox space is by appointment !!!

👉 Classes will be on Monday, Wednesday 5.30 pm
👉 They are semi-private classes, with a maximum of 5 people due to COVID-19
👉 Registration $ 55 and each class $ 35


Lash lift Certification

This class covers an overview of Lash Lifting, client consultation and FAQ’s.  The procedure and troubleshooting and aftercare. This in-depth course covers all areas of the Lash Lift process, including how to conduct a consultation, choosing the right level of lift for your client, a step-by-step guide to the Lash Lift procedure, and troubleshooting unsuccessful results.

  • introduction to lash lifting

  • how Lash Lifting works

  • contraindications and Safety Protocol

  • what You’ll Need to do the process

  • the Lash Lifting Products

  • Eyebrows laminate

  • final Results

  • Curly Eyebrows

  • Eyelashes lift

  • Hena Brows

  • Practice

  • aftercare

  • troubleshooting


 There’s a lash lift kit included in the cost of this class to start your own bussines with enough materials to doble your investment by taking this course.



*Each class is on a Saturday*

8 Classes 

Time 10.30

Saturday May 30 is the first Class

Registration:  $75.00

Each Class 49.99


Cake Decorating Course 🎂


Discover the pastry secrets and learn to decorate your pastry for a source of income or to celebrate a special occasion of your loved ones.


We create a cake decorating workshop for people who are interested in learning or advancing techniques for decorating cakes for all occasions.


Decorating techniques will include:

* Learn the use of nozzles and sleeves

* Learn to make borders, letters, flowers, and leaves

* Learn to make 3D dolls and figures

* Handle whip cream, buttercream, and fondant for all types of design

* Structure of floor cakes

* Culinary Photography

* Designs for wedding cakes, baptisms, and quinceañeras


At the end of the course you will be a professional using various techniques in cake decorating. Classes will be conducted step by step in groups of 5 people.


Course information

Registration: $ 99.00

Starter Kit 39.99

Start date: Thursday, June 11

Hours: 5.30 pm

Days: Thursday

* 20 classes in total

* 2 hours x Class

Value per class 44.99


Sign up now to start maximizing your pastry creativity 👩‍🍳!

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