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FRIDARS  is a  Cultural and Education Center named in honor to the famous Artist Frida Khalo, made for creative women, who love and feel proud about their culture and heritage, we  serve the Latina community by offering classes in our facility and online community focused on the crafts, arts and culture. We promote Artists, Artisans, Teachers and Entrepreneurs seeking growth together in a culturally driven community.


Our mission is to empower the Latina woman by unleashing the power of her mind through arts and crafts. They will be able to create unique businesses with their talents and connect with other like-minded Latinas. They will discover new skills and explore limitless possibilities within themselves. They will build unwavering confidence and enhance their success.


Our vision is to improve the quality of life in our Latino Community in the United States by empowering women.
Create a global arts and crafts education movement by promoting our artists, artisans and creating an online community. Through this, we hope to offer women the opportunity to share their talents from anywhere in the world, creating alliances, organizing workshops, exhibitions, and boosting their talents with events and awards.



The routine and daily activities of our lives is part of a majority of people's comfort zone. However, learning something new offers many benefits and it expands your mind's abilities. 

When we learn something new, we gain new experiences and we learn new abilities, and through this, we achieve making our world more understanding  and we unleash our potential.  The new knowledge you gain, will make you feel satisfied and better your self esteem. 

Without taking into account that in Fridars, you will get to hear many testimonies from incredible women and you will  form new friendships. They'll give lots of motivation, after all they are first hand proof that it is possible to shift your passion into a successful business.


You want to share your passion, knowledge, and by doing that empower our community?

If you are an expert in any field, arts, crafts, and you want to share your knowledge with our community and at the same time create and extra income for you?

We are looking for you!

Together we will  create a culture of personal growth and help our community to achieve their life goals by showing them a creative and unique business has more possibilities to achieve  success.

Image by Hillary Ungson


Our members  are some of the most gifted, talented latinas, Our goal is that all fridars members will be able to grow and showcase their talents, through special events, networking,  diferent programs, classes, contests and exhibitions that will allow painters, designers, musicians, photographers, and craftmakers to promote their art, grow or start their bussines, and enhance our culture.

In fridars we  know that together we are stronger and we will  support each other in doing business together and  create a long lasting relationship.

We  put together  a membership package that will save you a lot of money in education and personal growth programs, this membership includes free classes a lots of other benefits, take a look at it and take advantage.

We will share our knowledge, guide, empower women so they can achieve  successful lives in their native Spanish language as well as their lives in America.



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"Educate a woman

and you educate her family;

Educate a Girl

and you change the future”

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